Michael Bublé On Upcoming Fatherhood

In an honest and candid interview, ET Canada’s Erin Cebula gets the goods on Michael Bublé “s new bundle-to-be and whether or not the crooner is nervous to finally be a dad.

“I went and got tested,”; Michael tells Erin “cause I was so sure it wasn’t going to work.”;

Breathing a sigh of relief, Michael and wife Luisana announced that they are expecting a baby Bublé on YouTube earlier in the year.

And although he admits might not be ready to take on his fatherly duties just yet, Michael’s proud to say he’s got cravings 101 down pat!

“Some women they crave pickles or ice cream, my wife wants blood sausage,”; he says.  What’s blood sausage you ask? “Sausage made of congealed blood,”; he elaborates, “And I promise you she hated it her whole life and now she’s like “Michael, I want some blood sausage’.”;

Odd cravings aside, the singer tells us he “loves the whole thing”; adding, “I’m more in love with my wife now than I ever was.”;

Making it very clear that his priority is his family, the B.C. native also opens up about juggling his roles of husband and daddy-to-be with releasing a  new album, hinting at a new, more soulful sound Michael says he’s channeling his “favourite artist in the world, Michael Jackson”;, which for him was a scary thing.

“…this record I felt like I finally didn’t care.  I would allow myself to challenge myself to go to a place that was probably too scary for me to go before because I was afraid of what people would think about a white boy singing this stuff.”;

But as we know, sometimes trying new things can pay off.  “I love this record. I think it’s a very special record, it’s probably my best.”;

Watch Erin Cebula’s interview with Michael Bublé below, and be sure to tune into ET Canada tonight for part two of our exclusive interview!



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