“The Neighborhood” star Beth Behrs stops by “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Monday to dish about receiving her first lap dance and how she recently adopted some baby goats.

Behrs opens up about filming an episode of her CBS sitcom with the “Magic Mike Live” dancers in Las Vegas and how she had her first experience of both giving and receiving a lap dance.

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“You know, it’s interesting, that’s my job, I got paid to do this,” the 33-year-old says in disbelief.

She also explains how her co-star Tichina Arnold made fun of her for making the dancers awkward during the performance.

“If someone’s gonna get up in your grill like that, I like to get to know them, so they’re trying to do their job, and I’m like ‘Where you from? What are your dreams? Do you love animals?’ And [Arnold] is like, ‘Shut up! You’re making them more nervous!'”

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Speaking of loving animals, Behrs reveals she is on “baby goat watch” after offering to adopt a few kids at the barn she keeps her horse. She is so excited that she actually feels like she is the one giving birth.

“I just grabbed my stomach,” she laughs, “that doesn’t make any sense. But they feel like my children already, you know, like surrogacy?”

DeGeneres then helps Behrs come up with some potential names for the goats with her Baby Naming Generator. The instant favourite seems to be “Goatie Hawn,” though Behrs is also taken with “Billy Goat Cyrus”.

Later in the show, Behrs surprised DeGeneres with a $10,000 to The Ellen Fund for her continued work to protect the mountain gorillas in Rwanda.