“Santa Clarita Diet” is returning for its third season and Joel (Timothy Olyphant) has a life-or-death decision to make.

Netflix has dropped the trailer for the upcoming season of the flesh-eating dark comedy about Sheila (Drew Barrymore), a realtor-turned-zombie-cannibal, who can’t stop her hankering for human flesh.

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Across the first two seasons, Sheila learned to come to terms with her affliction, and with the help of her husband, Joel, and her teenage daughter, Abby (Liv Hewson), the family have somehow managed to keep their dark secrets contained.

The new trailer shows that Sheila is still chomping into humans across the city of Santa Clarita, including a Nazi who moves into the neighbourhood. “I want to be about more than just eating people but I also really enjoy eating people,” she insists.

Photo: Netflix
Photo: Netflix

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The big crisis of the new season looks to be an existential matter. Sheila realizes that she is now immortal and the only way for her and Joel to live forever together is if she bites him, something he doesn’t seem too thrilled about.

“We can spend eternity together if you let me bite you,” she suggests. “It’s not that I don’t want to be with you,” Joel tells her, “it’s about what I might become.”

The show also stars Skyler Gisondo, Nathan Fillion, Joel McHale, Andy Richter, Maggie Lawson, and Natalie Morales.

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All 10 episodes of “Santa Clarita Diet” season 3 will hit Netflix on March 29.