Gwyneth Paltrow Talks Goop And Her Future In Acting

During a Goop panel at SXSW, Gwyneth Paltrow spoke about her $250 million business.

A few days before, she sat down with Savannah Guthrie and the “Today” show where she called Goop her “full-time passion.”

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“I’ve never said that I am quitting acting. What I say is Goop is my full-time passion and being the founder and CEO of Goop is what I do all day, every day,” she said.

“Occasionally, when something is the right thing, and it works out around my children and my Goop life, I’m able to participate. I think I’m just not focused on full time acting right now.”

When she started the company 10 years ago, she knew she “had a vision” but didn’t know it would become this large. “I think I had a secret dream it would become what it became,” the “Royal Tenenbaums” alum said.

As for if she knew she had an “inner ceo”, Paltrow laughed commenting she “didn’t think [she] had the license to go into business.”

The wellness mogul calls herself an “optimistic boss” who only wants “the highest good for all.” She adds that the journey has “been interesting as a woman implementing structure and boundaries and giving difficult feedback” which Paltrow says is the hardest part.

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During SXSW, Paltrow said “People love to talk about like, Goop is controversial. It’s like, really? Cause we’re talking about female sexual health?… Women’s empowerment, women’s sexual health, that’s where the sort of controversy lies a lot of the time, which I find really fascinating.”

She added, “We know that at Goop we’ve written about some things that have seemed controversial at the time—but it’s interesting because, by pattern recognition you see over time these things that were like shocking or controversial, you see being widely adopted in the culture. You see businesses popping up around these ideas.”

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