Eliza Dushku is taking the next steps on her post-#MeToo journey.

Last year, the actress spoke out about alleged harassment by co-star Michael Weatherly on the set of the series “Bull”, and revealed that she had been molested as a child on the set of “True Lies”.

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Dushku opens up about all of it in a new interview with Time.com, but it still isn’t easy for her.

“I have never been this nervous for an interview,” she says. “I’ve always been outspoken and honest. But I’m not used to being this vulnerable.”

Dushku produced the new biographical drama “Mapplethorpe” but she hasn’t been in front of the cameras recently.

“I need the distance to recalibrate and start a family,” she explains. “But I don’t want people to think coming forward means ending your career. I could be acting. I could be in L.A. I just need to be here right now.”

Speaking about her history of drug and alcohol abuse, Dushku says, “We carry trauma in our bodies. That’s where addiction comes in. People try to numb themselves.”

On the #MeToo movement in general, Dushku says, “I guess what makes me angry is people knew. Important people knew. They could have done something. And they didn’t.”

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“We’re talking in code,” she adds, referring to the non-disclosure agreement surrounding her settlement with CBS. “NDAs re-victimize people. They give more power to the powerful. And as the less powerful person, you have to live in someone else’s f**ked-up version of reality.

“Humans need a cohesive narrative for who they are. And we’re as sick as our secrets. So naming our secrets — that’s a part of healing.”