The Oscar-nominated “Vice” took a lot of bold chances but it appears one of its biggest swings was left on the cutting room floor.

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This week, Fox released a deleted scene in which the Dick Cheney biopic suddenly turns into a musical number reminiscent of the “Schoolhouse Rock” educational series, explaining how things really work in Washington D.C., through the power of song.

Alabama Shakes singer Brittany Howard leads the musical number, which features an elaborate dance sequence while Steve Carell’s Donald Rumsfeld explains the ins and outs of politics to Christian Bale’s Cheney.

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The dance was choreographed by Hamilton‘s Andy Blankenbuehler, while the song was composed by Nicholas Britell.

In January, the film’s editor Hank Corwin told the Hollywood Reporter, “Adam [McKay] directed the heck out of it; it was really entertaining. But what we found was, in the context of the film, it weighed the film down at the wrong time. The film wanted to move quickly in that area, and it would have slowed it down. It was very painful [to cut it].”