‘The Bachelor’: After the Final Rose’: Will Colton Underwood And Cassie Randolph Get Engaged?

Colton Underwood might not have proposed to anyone in Portugal, but he couldn’t have ended his season of “The Bachelor” any happier.

After last week’s episode saw the 27-year-old former football player hop a fence following his breakup with Cassie Randolph, fans were skeptical that Colton would end the season an engaged man — or in a relationship at all. However, as viewers saw on Monday night’s episode, Colton said goodbye to his remaining two women, Tayshia and Hannah G., and tracked down Cassie in California, to rekindle their romance.

So, where do things stand today? As Colton and Cassie told Chris Harrison on “After the Final Rose,” they’re happily dating.

“We’re in love!” Colton tells Chris Harrison.

“It’s definitely something we’ve talked about,” Cassie says of getting engaged, as Colton reveals they still have more to talk about before that happens.

Colton told ET last month that fans were in for “wild ride” during his finale.

“As the weeks progress, it gets more real and more real, and I think not only for me but these women too,” he teased. “It’s unlike anything else, and it’s going to be a crazy one. You guys are in for a wild ride.”

“It’s going to be unexpected to a lot of people,” Underwood told ET of his ending. “So we’ll see what I’m shouting at the end off the rooftops, but I hope at the end of it, you can know that I’m happy. So we’ll see.”

See more in the video below.


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