Jimmy Kimmel Hands ‘Bachelor’ Colton Underwood An Engagement Ring For Cassie Randolph On ‘JKL!’

Jimmy Kimmel handed Colton Underwood the Neil Lane engagement ring for Cassie Randolph after he failed to propose in true “Bachelor” style at the end of the season.

Underwood and Randolph appeared on Tuesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, where the talk-show host quizzed them on what it’s been like since they got together.

Asking him about their current relationship status, Underwood replied: “Future wife, I don’t know.

“We’re confidently boyfriend and girlfriend.”

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Kimmel also told Underwood, who famously told the world he was a virgin on the show: “You don’t have to tell us if you’re a virgin, because I can tell just by looking at you. I can see that something has happened to you, that you’ve blossomed.”

The host told the duo when talk turned back to marriage, “I think you are the only couple in the history of this show that handled this like human beings because it is preposterous to get engaged at the end of this period. It doesn’t make any sense! It’s a recipe for disaster, it really is.”

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Kimmel even handed Underwood a ring to do whatever he wanted with, because Neil Lane failed to get his usual promotion this season.

Kimmel shared, “I do feel like you guys got cheated a little bit because of the way you went about this, because they love to have you get engaged on television and part of the deal is you get the ring from Neil Lane. So this afternoon, we called Neil Lane and here — he sent the ring. I’m not asking you to do anything. But not only can you hold onto it, it’s no joke.”

Underwood took the jewellery, but is still yet to pop the question.

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