Canada’s Krow Kian Opens Up About Being A Trans Male Model: ‘My Career’s Doing Better Than It Did As A Female’

Canada’s Krow Kian has spoken out about walking in runway shows as a transgender male model after six years of working as a female.

Kian, 23, who goes by the name Krow, made history after becoming the first male model to close Louis Vuitton’s women’s fall-winter show.

He told WWD: “Getting back into modelling and being a male model, I definitely have a lot more visibility and especially being a trans model, I think, has brought a lot of attention. So, yeah, my career is definitely doing a lot better than it did the first time as a female.”

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Krow continued, “I honestly love that I can do both the men’s show and the women’s shows. I think that that’s really cool to be able to do.

“It’s only that I do get anxieties about having them try to make me look specifically like a female. But I’ve been very clear with my agencies about that, and they’ve made sure to let the casting directors know.

“At this point in my life, because being transgender, sometimes I can definitely get a little worried that maybe I’m not masculine enough — even though I’m a very flamboyant and usually kind of feminine guy — any time that I have to wear a dress or a skirt, I do get that kind of uncomfortable feeling.”

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Krow also spoke to Dazed in a separate interview, telling the publication about some of the struggles he had being a female model.

He shared, “I was very particular as a female model. I was uncomfortable with my chest, obviously, but whenever (people) would be like, ‘Can we have you with your shirt off or have you braless so your nipples are poking through the shirt?’ I’d be like, ‘Absolutely not.’ My own anxiety about my body overpowered my care for what other people thought.”

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