Lauren Alaina On Ending Her Engagement With Alex Hopkins: ‘We’re Very Different People… We Have Different Goals’

Lauren Alaina’s engagement with Alex Hopkins did not work out, but it was all for the best.

Alaina said as much in a new interview on the “All Our Favorite People” podcast. “We started dating at 17, and we’re now 24 years old,” she told the hosts. “We’re very different people, and we have different goals, and we want to go different places in life.”

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“When we got engaged, it got really real. Not that it wasn’t real before, but it was just like, ‘Oh.’ When you start planning your entire future and you’re not agreeing on things, it’s very hard,” Alaina continued. “But he was all I knew, and I was all he knew.”

The “Ladies in the ’90s” singer announced her engagement in July. What helped her cope with their subsequent split was a week of intense therapy in January.

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“Last year was one of the hardest years of my life — maybe the hardest year of my life as an adult,” she confessed. These days, however, “I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.”

“I am literally so proud of the person that I am now. I’ve worked really hard on myself,” she said of her work with residential therapy program Onsite Workshops. “I think that we all should do that. We should all care about ourselves as much as we care about other people.”

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