Fans of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” tuned in each week to watch the Will Smith-starring comedy about a “West Philadelphia born and raised” teenager who went to live with wealthy relatives in Bel-Air after he “got in one little fight and my mom got scared.”

But what if the same premise was used for a gritty drama instead of a zany sitcom?

That’s what director Morgan Cooper wondered as well, and provided an answer with “Bel-Air”, a stunning faux trailer that dropped on YouTube earlier this week that has already racked up more than 600,000 views.

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While “Bel-Air” tells essentially the same story laid out in the “Fresh Prince” theme song, it’s more than a little mind-blowing to watch that scenario unfold in tense dramatic scenes.

In an interview with okayplayer, Cooper revealed that he shot the trailer over the course of six months in between other gigs, with the Philadelphia sequences filmed in his hometown of Kansas City.

“It was an intensive process,” Cooper admitted. “The living room we shot in the first act of the piece — with Will and his mom — is actually my aunt’s living room.”

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Cooper is understandably thrilled that his trailer is already going viral so quickly after he released it, but he’s also committed to authenticity.

“I’m very excited for everything that has happened and receive it humbly,” he added. “But at the end of the day, I’m a black creative and representing myself and expressing myself authentically is of the utmost importance to me.”

Cooper now has at least one celebrity fan, with actress Alyssa Milano expressing her admiration:

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