Paul Haggis has decided to drop his legal fight against sexual assault allegations made against him in 2017, Deadline reports.

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Haggis originally filed a suit against Haleigh Breest in late 2017 after the film publicist accused him of assaulting her after the premiere of the film “Side Effects” in 2013.

The “Crash” director claimed that Breest had attempted to get him to pay her $9 million in order to make her allegations go away. In August 2018, the suit was dismissed by a lower court, at which point Haggis appealed the dismissal.

Now, in a letter to the New York Supreme Court, Haggis’ attorney said, “We write to notify the Court that Mr. Haggis hereby withdraws his Notice of Appeal dated September 13, 2018 in the above-captioned action.”

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Breest’s lawyer responded to the news Thursday, saying, “Mr. Haggis’ lawsuit against Haleigh Breest was a disgrace. It was in our view an attempt to silence and intimidate Ms. Breest, and it failed. Mr. Haggis should never have sued Ms. Breest in the first place, and we are pleased that he finally gave up.”

The legal battle between Haggis and Breast is not yet resolved, though, with Breest’s own lawsuit against the director still moving before the courts.