Philadelphia Dedicates An Entire Weekend To Rapper Meek Mill

Meek Mill is now the owner of two holidays.

The rapper returned to his hometown of Philadelphia on Thursday while City Council declared March 15 through 17 Meek Mill Weekend.

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City Council President Darrell L. Clarke announced the news today, alongside State Senator Sharif Street. The pair praised Mill for his work, not only for his contributions to music and art but as a criminal justice advocate and critic of mass incarceration.

After thanking the city for the honour, Mill said he wants to “give young kids a fair shot in the system.”

Mill also has a holiday named after him in Houston, February 24 is officially Meek Mill Day, city-wide. Last month, he shared the news on Instagram, writing, “Life is a roller coaster!”

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Mill will be sticking around to celebrate his holiday weekend in Philly with a concert at the Metropolitan Opera House as a part of his Motivation Tour.

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