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It’s only week two, but already the “Big Brother Canada” house is divided down the middle as Maki Moto becomes the second houseguest evicted in a shocking 5-5 tiebreaker vote.

The 31-year-old Poet began the week as an unwitting pawn when Head of Household Dane Rupert nominated him alongside Montréal bartender Kyra Shenker. Maki was never meant to be the prime target, and despite Kyra been considered an “emotional wildcard,” they weren’t the definitive mark either. The nominees were a smokescreen, as Dane was keeping his backdoor options open to remove a potential hiccup in the Pretty Boys alliance — Samantha Picco.

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Samantha has become incredibly close with Adam Pike over the past the two weeks; the pair even gave their showmance the awkward nickname of “Team Sadam.” Their flirtatious banter and public displays of affection are garnering attention and for Dane and his fellow Pretty Boys, Anthony Douglas and Mark Drelich, this is becoming a problem, regardless of how Adam tries to play off the relationship as harmless fun.

However, any plans to kill the showmance were halted when Adam won the Power of Veto. The so-called “alpha” of the house secured Samantha’s safety by refusing to use the Veto on either Maki or Kyra, leaving the two nominees to battle it out for the rest of the week.

Photo: Global
Photo: Global

Tonight’s episode picks up after that fateful Veto Meeting and sees the house scrambling to pick a side. Kyra tries to convince others they’re not an emotional player… by crying. Meanwhile, Maki receives assurances from Estefania Hoyos and Kiera Wallace that he has their vote. Maki certainly seems to have a more positive vibe on the house than his block opponent and yet that in itself is threatening, especially as the Toronto DJ is just too honest for his own good.

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Firstly, Maki talks about taking a shot at Adam in front of almost the entire house, including Pretty Boys member Anthony. Then he tells Dane that if he wins HOH next week, there is a distinct possibility he returns the favor and nominates him – something which Estefania bluntly tells him “was not smart.” Maki isn’t trying to be malicious, he’s a self-confessed “BBCAN” rookie and is simply trying to play a truthful game. Yet his openness is what becomes his downfall.

Photo: Global
Photo: Global

Kailyn Archer, or Mama K, as her fellow houseguests have dubbed her, tries to light a fire under Maki’s butt to get him to campaign for votes. Eddie Lin puts in work in attempting to manipulate “Team Sadam” with his Broken Window Effect theory, letting them know that taking out comp threats is not going to be good for their games. Estefania also tries to bridge the gap between Maki and Dane, who would have to cast the deciding vote in case of a tie. Basically, Maki’s allies are doing far more to save him than he is doing for himself.

When it comes time for the eviction vote, the house is completely divided, and it results in a jaw-dropping 5-5 split. The Pretty Boys, along with Samantha and Chelsea Bird, vote to evict Maki, while Eddie, Mama K, Kiera, Este and Damien Ketlo all vote for Kyra. Cory Kennedy, as a late entrant, does not get to vote this week. The final decision is left in the hands of Dane, who despite swearing safety to Maki earlier in the week, casts the deciding vote to send the DJ spinning out of the house.

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Maki seems flabbergasted by his eviction and puts a “plague” on the house as he leaves. “There’s a lot of fakeness that does down in that house,” he tells host Arisa Cox in his eviction interview. When Arisa asks him if he waited until too late to start playing, he openly admits, “Oh yeah, I definitely don’t know how to play this game.”

Photo: Global
Photo: Global

The night ends with the Truth & Spies HOH competition. With tensions high and a rift running through the house, power is more important than ever, especially for those who exposed themselves by voting to keep Maki. Unfortunately, things go from bad to worse for Maki’s mates, as Chelsea pips out Este in the final round of the comp to take the HOH crown.

It’s rare to have a house this divided this soon in “Big Brother”, especially in these early weeks when the votes tend to be unanimous. This group of houseguests are here to play hard and seem willing to take a risk rather than sit and wait to be picked off. That is highly promising for the season, and even though the same alliance is in power again right now, given how often the game flipped back and forth this week, nothing should be taken for granted in “BBCAN7”.

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