George Clooney Plans On Teaching His Kids How To Be Great Pranksters Like Their Dad

George Clooney loves few things more than a great prank — even at home.

Appearing on Friday’s “Good Morning Britain”, the actor shared a gross prank he played on an Italian housekeeper.

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“I was shooting a TV show in Italy and I went and got a new nappy and I put Nutella in it and threw it in the trash can,” Clooney recounted, according to the Sun.

An hour later, Clooney came back to find a housekeeper in the room. “I said, ‘Amal wants to know if Alexander did poo-poo or pee-pee?’

“I opened up the trash and got the nappy, (holding it up) I rubbed it in my face and tasted it, and she screamed and ran out of the room.”

Laughing about his prank, Clooney said, “So I’m going to teach my kids a lot of good tricks.”

Clooney has two children, Alexander and Ella, with his wife Amal.

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Also in the interview Clooney endorsed the idea of casting Idris Elba as the next James Bond.

He also spoke about defending Meghan Markle from criticism, calling her treatment “a little unfair” and adding, “It seemed a little unjust, she hasn’t done anything except live her life – she’s a really kind, intelligent woman.”

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