Oscar Isaac’s last day of shooting on “Star Wars: Episode IX” was a big, emotional moment for him but it still managed to get upstaged.

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Appearing on “The Tonight Show” Thursday, the actor talked to host Jimmy Fallon about wrapping on the trilogy.

“It was such a milestone,” he said. “What was particularly special was the day that I finished on these three massive movies that for me have been such a huge part of my life, right after it was like, ‘Okay, Oscar’s done.’” Isaac recalled. “And then I said a few words. ‘And it’s also Anthony Daniels’ last day on set!’ Way to take the thunder.”

Daniels has played the robot C-3PO since the first “Star Wars” film in 1977, making his final day on the franchise particularly momentous.

“[Daniels] was super emotional about it and hanging up the golden cowl,” Isaac said. “And I think, really, and I mean this, this time he kept saying this was the most fun he’s had ’cause he had so many fun things to do and we got to work a lot together. It was just amazing to see that piece of history close.”

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Earlier this year, Daniels tweeted his sadness on his final day of shooting.