Jason Sudeikis loves Ellen DeGeneres so much he’s taking over her show!

The former star of Global’s “Saturday Night Live” is guest-hosting “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Friday, and as he reveals, it’s very much a “dream come true” ever since he was in college.

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“I had a crush on her, a full-blown crush on her,” Sudeikis says. “I thought she was hilarious, beautiful blue eyes.”

He then jokes, “At this point I didn’t have any idea that she might not be… interested in me. Or someone like me, with my physical make-up. You know, having some things. Lacking others.

“So then once I found out Ellen was gay, that wasn’t easy for me. But I moved on. There’s other fish in the sea,” Sudeikis adds.

For the interview, Sudeikis shares with “The Neighborhood” star Max Greenfield their best parenting tips.

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Sudeikis and Greenfield also get the jump on St. Patrick’s Day by playing a “pot of gold”-themed game of “Heads Up!”