Kaitlyn Bristowe is in full support of ABC’s recent announcement of the new “Bachelorette”, Hannah Brown.

Bristowe, who was the reality series’ “Bachelorette” in 2015, chatted about Brown, 24, on her “Off The Vine” podcast, and slammed the Bachelor Nation critics who think she “smiles too much.”

“This world that we live in, of Bachelors, Bachelorettes, it’s always, your ‘All-American Hero,’ your ‘All-American Sweetheart,’ the ‘Girl Next Door.’ It’s always like, the same cookie-cutter. Hannah B, to me, is deprecating,” she explained. “She’s like, she’s got like this right amount of insecurities, she’s awkward, but it’s her. Like, I don’t feel like she’s faking that.”

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And while most people are happy with Brown as the star of the upcoming season, Bristowe has a message for those who aren’t.

“People are giving her s**t, they’re being so mean to her, [saying] ‘She smiles too much,'” she said. “I’m like, really? That’s what you’re gonna pick her apart for? Smiling too much? What a psychopath! Stop smiling, you psycho!”

Adding, “And I am so sick of little…trolls on the Internet, just jealous of… God damn, she’s just being herself!”

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But ultimately, Bristowe can’t wait to see Brown fall in love, “This is going to help her grow, this is going to help her realize who she is and come into herself and we need to support her along that journey because it’s gonna be a beautiful thing. And we can turn it into her being an actual, like, you know, ‘pageant nightmare’ if we’re all hard on her and trolling her. If we support her, it can be a beautiful thing.”

Brown was one of the women sent home from last season’s “Bachelor” with Colton Underwood.

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