If Cardi B ever gets tired of rapping, she can try her hand as a therapist.

The musician, 26, took to Twitter to suggest some advice to a fan who said he has depression after she told teens to get off the internet and make “memories”.

The “Money” rapper suggested that lots of people have depression because they “be on the on the internet lookin at people with these fake perfect lifes, perfect body, perfect relationships.”

She adds that depression “is hard to shake off” but spending time with friends or making a board with “pictures of the things you dream” can help improve your mood.

Another tweet goes on to explain the “board full of life goals” which Carbi B calls “encouraging.” You could also “Google ways on becoming a millionaire.”

If the above doesn’t work, Dr. Carbi B prescribes “shaking that ass on a mirror.”

The rapper’s Pinterest page must be insane!

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