The cast, crew, and fans of “Wynonna Earp” have been feverishly campaigning to keep the show alive but it seems the numbers just do not add up.

The Canadian SyFy drama is produced by IDW Entertainment, an offshoot of IDW Publishing. It seems the company is struggling to foot the bill to put seasons four and beyond into production.

Adam Wyden, the founder of the New York-based hedge fund ADW, which owns 9 percent of IDW Media Holdings, told The Hollywood Reporter it has been a challenge to financially support the critically-acclaimed series.

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“There’s certainly value, but I think the way you have to think about it is, is it worth making ‘Wynonna Earp’ and taking the risk that you don’t sell out the international, right?” Wyden said. The first two seasons were picked up by Netflix for international streaming, but no deal is in place for further seasons.

“How do we justify making season four and five if we know we’re going to lose money?” he asked. “IDW is working very, very hard to try and sell up the international windows so they can limit the amount of risk. The company wants to make ‘Wynonna Earp’.”

Wyden says the company committed to additional seasons before securing the capital necessary to fund it: “I really don’t know why they went down this route.”

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The show’s star, Melanie Scrofano, thanked fans for their support by purchasing a billboard in Time’s Square. Unfortunately, all the billboards in the world will be for nought if IDW cannot secure the necessary television deals.

“Someone’s got to pick up the tab,” Wyden insisted. “I suspect people at IDW are working hard on it, but the question is, if Amazon, Netflix or whoever don’t want to buy the international window, how can you expect IDW to say, ‘OK, we didn’t sell season three international, but, by the way, we’ll make season four and five.’ It doesn’t work like that. It needs to get sold.”

To fans who demand more “Wyonna Earp”, Wyden has a suggestion. “I think if all these ‘Wynonna Earp’ people really want it to come back, they should be emailing Netflix and saying, ‘Pick up the international rights,'” Wyden recommended. “That’s what I would do.”

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