Eliza Dushku knew she had to do something about how she was being treated on “Bull”.

The 38-year-old actress reached a $9.5 million settlement with CBS over claims of sexually suggestive and offensive behaviour she suffered by “Bull” star Michael Weatherly. Despite signing a non-disclosure agreement, Dushku spoke out about her on-set experiences.

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“We need the right to stand in our power and in our truth. When you rob somebody of that or when you threaten somebody, it’s really damaging,” she told Deadline about ignoring the confidentiality clause. “It’s damaging beyond my business or it’s damaging to a person’s personhood and that is what I’ve really struggled with and realized over the last year.”

“It’s time for us to be open about that and say no,” she expressed. “We’re going to stand in our truth, we’re going to stand in our power.”

Dushku’s first professional film credit dates back to 1992 and Dushku was not about to be stepped on so late in her career. “I’ll say this, in my case what made me feel a responsibility was the fact that I had been around for so many years,” she exclaimed. “I have been around for almost 30 years. I had worked and built myself up to a place where you know I wasn’t off the bus and yet on a set I didn’t have a voice.”

“After all those years, to find myself feeling powerless and feeling victimized was not, it was more important to me to tell the truth and face the consequences,” Dushku continued. “I didn’t leak the story but I was not comfortable with the false narrative that had been propagated, as I wrote about in the Globe piece.”

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The last 365 days have not been easy for Dushku, but much like the sexual harassment she allegedly experienced, she is not about to be defined by anyone but herself. “This year did shake me,” she admitted. “You know didn’t break me, that’s for sure.”

Dushku is currently promoting the theatrical release of “Mapplethorpe” following its 2018 Tribeca premiere.