Warning: NSFW and Disturbing Content

Popular YouTube conspiracy theorist Shane Dawson is clearing up some extremely bizarre rumours about him.

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It all started when a Twitter user resurfaced audio from Dawson’s podcast in which he said he sexually abused his cat.

Dawson became aware of the clip and set out to quash the controversy by addressing the issue head-on, completely denying that he sexually abused his cat and claiming that it was a fake story based on an idea for a sketch.

Dawson also apologized more generally for his offensive humour over the years and his attempts to shock his audience.

Fellow YouTuber Garrett Watts also came to Dawson’s defence, explaining that for many people, “a GASP = A LAUGH,” where the tastelessness of a joke is the goal.

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For many on Twitter, though, Dawson’s tweet announcing “i didn’t f**k my cat” became a huge source of jokes.