Hasan Minhaj’s Take On India’s Elections In The Latest ‘Patriot Act’ Wins Praise And Laughs

If there’s one rule for comedians from India, it’s that you don’t try to tackle Indian politics.

But in the latest episode of “Patriot Act”, Hasan Minhaj did just that.

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On Twitter, Minhaj shared a clip of him talking to a number of Indians, all of whom emphatically told him not to cover the subject of the upcoming Indian elections. “I didn’t listen,” the comedian wrote.

“Are you out of your mind?” one man asks. “There is a lot of garbage outside, and that garbage is going to come on your face if you open your mouth about Indian politics.”

Some of the people suggested the issue was so fraught, Minhaj could find himself killed in an “accident.”

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Despite the warnings, Minhaj’s episode about the Indian elections seems to have gone over extremely well, winning the comedian praise on Twitter for his nuanced approach to the subject.

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