Leigh-Anne Pinnock is getting real about dealing with online haters.

The Little Mix singer, 27, stars on the cover of Rollercoaster magazine’s Spring/Summer issue and chatted about maturing in the spotlight.

But while she’s comfortable in her own skin now, social media trolls took a toll early on in her career, “I definitely feel that it’s taken me a long while to completely feel comfortable in the skin that I’m in.”

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She continued, “Sadly we live in a society that is inbuilt with racism and I just hope that by speaking up on my personal experience, I can help raise some awareness on this f**ked up situation. I really did feel invisible and replaceable for a considerable amount of time within the band, but I truly believe as the years have gone on I’m beginning to own it more and more. I’ve always been proud of who I am but maybe for a while, I forgot how special and powerful that is. Being black is powerful, being black is beautiful and I’m ready to shout it to the world!”

The catapult into fame after the “X-Factor” was tough as a young adult, “We didn’t really have any time to process it, it was just like ‘Boom!’ Obviously, for me, it was my dream so I loved every second of it, but the negativity and the trolling? I fought it really hard.”

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But she’s excited for what’s next, “We knew that we wanted to make [LM5] much more ballsy. We knew we had to write about what was going on. There’s so many things that we want to talk about that are happening in the world and I think it’s just really important. It’s not all about boys and sex, it’s good to talk about things that actually mean something.”

LM5 is available now.

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