Former Playboy Bunny Bridget Marquardt Says Hugh Hefner’s Mansion Is Haunted

Hugh Hefner may be gone, but a presence is still being felt at the Playboy Mansion.

One-time Playboy bunny and self-proclaimed “ghost-hunter” Bridget Marquardt told Channel Seven’s “The Morning Show” the famed Mansion is haunted.

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Marquardt, 45, recalled once sitting in the mansion watching television. Suddenly, she noticed a woman “standing in the doorway.” Marquardt said she did not get a clear look at the figure, but insisted “it looked like a woman standing there.”

The sight was allegedly horrifying enough that Marquardt’s friend “immediately broke into tears.” Her friends may have been spooked, but Marquardt got nothing but good vibes from the supposed spirit. “I got a very positive vibe,” Marquart told the show. “I think that it might have been a former employee of Hef’s just coming to see the new addition to the family.”

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Rumours of the mansion’s haunting have persisted over the years. The Playboy Mansion was built in 1927. It features 29 rooms and a wine cellar. It also boasts a swimming pool.

Hefner lived there for 43 years before passing away in Sept. 2017.

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