Stephen Colbert Gives The Latest Rundown On Trump’s Tweets: Calls Jeanine Pirro A ‘Ra-cist’

For those who have decided to ignore Donald Trump’s tweets or were blocked by the president, Stephen Colbert is giving everyone the rundown on what the most recent rant from the president is about.

“President Donald Trump won’t come out and condemn anti-Muslim terrorism, or white supremacy, or mention that it’s on the rise,” Colbert said on “The Late Show.”

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But he certainly has something on his mind, as in a 12 hour period on Sunday, Trump sent out 29 tweets.

“He might have carpal thumbel. Or mental illness. Or a need to distract us from something more Muller-y,” Colbert teased.

Most tweets focused around Fox News host Jeanine Pirro who got sidelined after making remarks about Rep. Ilhan Omar and Muslim women who wear hijabs. Trump did not believe Pirro was treated fairly.

After playing the clip of Pirro, Colbert quipped, “It is not pronounced he-jab you ra-cist.”

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Adding that Fox News issued a statement condemning the statement and that they don’t reflect the views of the network. “We reminded her ‘we are doing Mexicans this week,'” the host added.

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