Priyanka Chopra Jokes She Is A ‘Terrible Wife’ Since She Can’t Cook

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are still in the newlywed phase, but the hit actress made sure her hubby knew what he was getting into before when he proposed.

“I can’t cook. And I told him that when he proposed. I was like, ‘Listen, you’re from a good southern home, you’re used to your mom making you amazing food,’” Chopra joked with on The View. “’You’re not marrying that girl. I cannot cook. I can make eggs, also sporadically, maybe at night.”

Paula Lobo/ABC via Getty Images
Paula Lobo/ABC via Getty Images

The fact she isn’t good a whipping up a meal wasn’t a deal breaker for Jonas.

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“I’m a terrible, terrible wife in that sense, but the most amazing thing when I told him that, ‘Babe, I can’t cook and I hope you know that,’ he said, ‘It’s alright babe, neither can I,’” she added. “But you don’t hear that from guys! They’re usually like, ‘It’s OK, baby.’ And he was like, ‘I can’t either!”

Jonas recently made his return to the musical group Jonas Brothers with his two siblings. Their video and first single since 2013, “Sucker,” shot to the top of the Billboard Hot 100.

The elaborate music video features all of the significant others.

“It was actually just a dinner table conversation where we were talking about video girls and who should be in the video and everything, and the boys looked around the table, and looked at us, and we looked at each other and were like, ‘Oh yeah, that makes sense,’” she recalled. “’Of course, I mean, look at who we’re married to!’”

Chopra, Danielle Jonas and Sophie Turner certainly stole the show.

“It was like, $200 million of art and we’re like, doing stupid sh**. It was just, it was amazing, and especially to do it with your family, it was really great.”

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You can next see Chopra in her YouTube special “If I Could Tell You Just One Thing” that has interviews with a variety of celebrities like Awkwafina, Simone Biles and Diane von Furstenberg.



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