Aidy Bryant Lets Out All Her Deepest, Darkest Confessions With Jimmy Fallon

Aidy Bryant and Jimmy Fallon are confessing everything to the world.

The former star of Global’s “Saturday Night Live” was on “The Tonight Show” on Wednesday night to talk about her new series “Shrill” in which she plays a character learning to reject shame and embrace who she is.

“I think it’s a nice alternative to hating yourself all the time,” Bryant joked.

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The actress then suggested they do a “Hey World!”, in which they “let it all out” and reveal their “deepest confessions and insecurities” to the entire world. It quickly turned into a hilarious segment, with Bryant and Fallon each offering their confessions.

“Hey world!” Bryant said. “I truly think that ‘diarrhea’ is a beautiful word and I would not rule out calling my daughter or son ‘Diarrhea’.”

Fallon offered, “Hey world! The other day, I plucked an inch-long hair from my earlobe… that shouldn’t be possible!”

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During the interview, Bryant also talked about being a boss for the first time as a producer on “Shrill”.

“I mean, it’s very weird to be like, ‘I’m the boss!'” Bryant joked.

She then told the story of taking the cast of the show to a strip club in Portland during their first week of shooting.

“And then as I was there and just boobs were flying, I was like, I’m their boss and I brought them here,” she said.

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