Jann Arden is opening up about her sexuality.

The celebrated Canadian singer-songwriter sat down with ET Canada’s Carlos Bustamante to discuss her new sitcom, “JANN”, and revealed why it was important for her to represent the LGBTQ community on screen.

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“That, for sure, mirrors my own life,” Arden says of her character’s bisexuality. “I, as a teenager, grew up with boyfriends and girlfriends. I remember crying once over a girlfriend that had broken up [with me], and I was crying to my mom on the phone, and my dad was at the other end of the phone — this is a concrete construction guy — and he said, ‘Honey, we would love you if you were pink with purple spots.’

That was the end of it. They said, ‘We’re always here to talk to you,’ and my mom said to me at the dinner table — I remember her grabbing my wrists — and she said, ‘You are a completely normal person.’

I had that. So for me…that’s the way I’ve lived my life.”

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That unconditional love inspired the 56-year-old to tell her truth within the television series. “I’m in a position where, you know, there’s young kids in northern Canada, or in small towns — they don’t see themselves. And I think that’s so important,” Arden explains. “We don’t address it in the show. It’s never a thing, just comes and goes. My family’s like, ‘Whatever.’

When we sat down and kind of flushed out where my character was going and where the story was gonna drop, within these six episodes I’m rekindling an affair with a guitar player — this gorgeous, tall Aboriginal guy — and I’m still struggling with my ex-girlfriend.”