The London Fire Brigade has hit out at the British animated show “Peppa Pig”, accusing it of using language that promotes gender stereotypes.

The firefighting team shared a clip of an episode titled “The Fire Engine”, in which the narrator explained how Peppa’s mom was dressed as a “fireman” despite being a woman.

There has also been a big debate surrounding kids TV show “Fireman Sam” recently, with Piers Morgan among others having his say on Twitter.

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David Jones, the creator of the show and who claims to be an ex-firefighter, has since told the BBC: “Someone doesn’t join the fire service when they watch ‘Fireman Sam’. They wouldn’t be the right people for the job if that was their mentality.”

Criticism aside, the Brigade did point out that Barbie was doing a great job, insisting the brand was encouraging both boys and girls to join their team with one of its latest dolls.

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