Elton John returned to Apple Music on Thursday for another edition of his Beats 1 radio show “Rocket Hour”; this time he was joined by A Tribe Called Quest’s Q-Tip to spin some of their favourite songs and share anecdotes about their respective lives in the music business.

Sir Elton didn’t hide his fandom for A Tribe Called Quest, calling the group “the seminal hip-hop band of all time,” welcoming Q-Tip while jokingly telling listeners, “If you don’t know ATCQ, you’re stupid.”

When it came to swapping stories, both musicians had some great ones, with Q-Tip dishing on the first time he met rock ‘n’ roll icon Little Richard, while the “Benny and the Jets” singer talked about his legendary performance with John Lennon on stage at NYC’s Madison Square Garden — on the same night the former Beatle reunited with wife Yoko Ono after his infamous “lost weekend.”

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After Q-Tip selected Lennon’s “Whatever Gets You Through the Night” — featuring John on vocals — as one of his musical selections, the veteran rocker recalled the moment when Lennon stepped on stage with him.

“I don’t ever remember hearing a louder reception for anybody in my life,” he said. “Because he was a New York boy. I mean, he became a New York boy. And he came on and it was just one of those things you get goosebumps thinking about. You know, and that was a very special night. He got back together with Yoko that night… They rekindled their relationship, and then they had a boy, and I became [Sean Lennon’s] godfather because of that.”

Tip followed up by recalling meeting with Little Richard back in 1988 when ATCQ made their first trip to Los Angeles to perform on Arsenio Hall’s late-night show.

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After arriving at their Sunset Strip hotel, he remembers standing in the lobby taking it all in when he noticed “a white limo in the lobby. We’re like, yo, who’s in there? I was like, I don’t know, boy. Tune me up, boys. The window rolls down and it’s Little Richard. He goes, ‘Hi, boys. What’s you all doing for lunch?’ We were like, ‘Yo, that’s Little Richard.’ And that was the first person we ever met, was Little Richard.”

You can hear more from the show below, or listen to “Rocket Hour” in its entirety right here.