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After last week’s chaotic vote divided the house, things settle into a more predictable rhythm in tonight’s “Big Brother Canada” eviction, as Grande Prairie psychic Kailyn Archer has her fate sealed in a unanimous 10-0 landslide.

The affectionately nicknamed Mama K made herself a prime target last week when she stuck her neck on the line for Maki Moto. Her last-minute scrambling for votes was intended to draw a line in the sand, and she certainly accomplished that; unfortunately, she ended up on the wrong side of that line.

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Mama K’s plan blew up in her face when former Head of Household Dane Rupert sided with the other side of the house and sent Maki packing, leaving her exposed as a dangerous manipulator, and providing solid nomination ammunition for Chelsea Bird, the 30-year-old Radio Host and current HOH.

Chelsea is firmly in with the “Pretty Boys” contingent, and so it was easy for her to narrow down her targets to one of the outliers. While bigger threats exist, Mama K’s ability to rally votes was seen as a potential hindrance to Chelsea’s game going forward, and so, the Edmonton native set up a backdoor trap, using Damien Ketlo and Kiera Wallace as pawns.


Tonight’s episode picks up after the Veto Meeting, where Samantha Picco follows through on the plan, using the Veto on Keira and allowing Chelsea to nominate Mama K in her place.

There isn’t a lot of suspense here; Mama K is such an obvious target over the level-headed Damien, who is pretty much viewed as the perfect pawn at this point. While she makes a valid pitch for why she should be kept around, nobody is willing to make the same mistake she did last week and tank their own game.

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Even Mama K realizes she’s a “dead woman walking” and basically goes into freefall mode. She gathers the majority of the houseguests into the bedroom and decides to “speak her truth.” The mother-of-four reveals her real age, much to the feigned surprise of her housemates, and opens up about her family.

In one last ditch effort, Mama K uses this personal revelation to springboard into strategy talk, calling out the trio of Chelsea, Samantha, and Adam Pike. Her hail mary does little to shift the momentum as far as her own game is concerned, but it does spread some paranoia among the dominant alliance.


Adam becomes hot-headed when he finds out a house meeting is going on without him and has to be calmed down by Dane. Despite being alliance-mates, the toothless wonder tells Adam that he wasn’t the subject of the conversation, and that the target was aimed at Chelsea and Sam, something which he says is a good thing for the future of their game.

Sam, who earlier in the episode shared her first smooch with Adam, overhears the boys’ chat and reports back to Chelsea and Kyra. It’s hard to say whether this will have any impact — it sort of felt like misdirection thrown into the episode to make the Kailyn vote feel more up in the air than it was in reality. While Chelsea and Sam agree to play the boys at their own game, it could just as easily be forgotten in the coming days.

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With the vote being so cut and dry, the episode instead fills time with more “Sadam” showmance scenes, and, of course, Damien’s latest secret mission.

After a scavenger hunt around the house, the 28-year-old Goalie Coach is once again awarded access to Leon’s Lounge via a Canada vote. While he still can’t get his hands on the coveted Blood Veto, he is granted access to the “leaked files” of two houseguests.

Damien picks Sam, who he says “talks too much,” and Mark Drelich, who he believes is playing both sides of the house. However, the reward is simply segments from their pre-season interviews, which isn’t particularly relevant intel.


The highlight of the night comes before the vote, where Mama K turns her eviction speech into a showstopping spectacle. Knowing that she’s heading out the door, she asks her fellow houseguests to put out their left hands, and then circles the room, pretending to snatch from their open palms.

“That’s me taking $100,000 for you all and giving it to Adam and Chelsea,” she says before calling everyone out for taking the “easy road.” It obviously does nothing to stop the 10-0 vote, but it’s entertaining nonetheless.

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In her interview with Arisa Cox, Mama K reveals that she lied about her age because she knows how often the older person gets evicted first in “Big Brother” and she wanted to make a change. However, she admits that not being able to talk about her family made it hard for her to connect with others on a personal level and that most likely contributed to her downfall.

Despite the lopsided vote, the game is heating up and secrets are being exposed. It feels like the season is at a tipping point and one bad move or wrong conversation could shift the entire dynamic of the “BBCAN” house.

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