Ron Burgundy Brushes Up On His Sportscaster Skills Calling L.A. Kings Hockey Game

Ron Burgundy is known for being a smooth operator at the news desk but he’s not half bad calling a sports game either.

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On Thursday night, the fictional newsman played by Will Ferrell joined the Fox Sports broadcast of the Los Angeles Kings hockey game against the San Jose Sharks.

Burgundy was on hand for the second period, calling shots and offering some amazing colour commentary, including the tidbit that former Kings player Martin Jones likes to play with puppets during the off-season.

Burgundy also wondered aloud why the Kings would encourage people to bring stray cats to the stadium during the game.

At one point, Kings mascot Bailey brought Burgundy a bean burrito and a glass of milk.

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Meanwhile, fans were delighted by Burgundy’s appearance on their TV screens during the game.

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