Danny DeVito still wants to get a sequel to his 1988 film “Twins” with Arnold Schwarzenegger off the ground.

The actor was on “The Jonathan Ross Show” this week and talked about the status of the potential sequel.

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“Everybody would be up for it,” he said, according to the Daily Mail. “The main thing is, you have to have a screenplay. We’re looking. We’re figuring it out.”

DeVito even teased the big idea for the sequel, which would involve adding a third sibling to the fun.

“We’re talking about doing ‘Triplets’,” DeVito said. “If you remember ‘Twins’ there was a cocktail, we mixed it together, and then you wound up with these two gene pools, Arnold and I.”

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As for whom he’d cast as the new co-star? DeVito has the perfect idea.

“Well, I mean, one of the ideas that was floated around was Eddie Murphy,” he said. “So it would be Arnold and Eddie and I. He’s a fun guy.”

Earlier this month, Deadline reported that Murphy is already attached to the possible sequel.