Josh Offers To Sing ‘Brave’ While Cheryl Gives Birth

Josh Groban is known as much for his hilarious sense of humour as his amazing, soaring voice. So when he stopped by the ET Canada studio on Friday we knew we were in for some of that trademark Groban wit. We were not disappointed. Josh suggested Cheryl play his new song, Brave, while she’s giving birth to her baby girl this spring. “I think you should bring it into the hospital room, personally,” jokes Josh. “I think it should be your birthing song… I think this is a beautiful thing happening here.”

Josh’s current album, All That Echoes, debuted at number one on the charts, knocking Justin Bieber’s acoustic album out of the top spot. But Josh has nothing but respect for The Biebs. “He’s the absolute king,” he says. “He’s the Lord of the Dance!”

Those who follow Josh on Twitter or who have seen his several hilarious skits on Jimmy Kimmel Live, know that he’s got a well, interesting, sense of humour. “They see all these drunk tweets and they must think, ‘God, he’s really depressed,'” Josh jokes.  “I think sometimes people are a bit taken aback by the fact that I’ve sort of got this sick, twisted sense of humour.”

Josh isn’t just trying to get laughs when he does hilarious things like sing Kanye West’s tweets, he’s also trying to reach a new audience: “I’m reaching people that may not have given my music a chance, have not listened to it and might be ‘oh, he made me laugh, I’ll go take a listen.’ And that’s always a good thing.”;

Watch the interview on tonight’s ET Canada!



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