Royal Baby Bets Close On Gender: Odds Are For A Girl

With every royal birth comes the bookies, you can place bets on everything from the name of the baby to what colour dress Meghan Markle will wear in her first appearance post birth.

The one thing you can’t bet on anymore is gender. Irish bookmaker Paddy Power has stopped taking bets “because we’re actually so convinced on what it’s going to be.”

Amy Jones, a spokesperson for the bookmaker, told The Associated Press, “Earlier this week, we started getting a load of pretty chunky bets on the baby to be a girl. But just before we stopped taking bets, it was around 1 to 2 which is about a 70 per cent chance and 2 to 1 for it to be a boy. So when it starts to get like that and, especially as we know the due date is kind of looming some time soon, we start to think, ‘Yeah, we think the baby might be a girl.'”

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As for this potential baby girl, a favourite name is Diana, after Prince Harry’s mother who died in 1997. More traditional options are Alice, Grace and Victoria that come out near the top. At the bottom of the pile, Theresa is at 200 to 1 “because of what’s going on at the minute – poor baby” Jones said referring to the Brexit disaster.

Should Baby Sussex be a boy, James, Arthur and George have money on them, although perhaps these people betting should take a look at baby’s cousins as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s eldest son’s name is George, so it is pretty safe to say they won’t pick that name. Donald is the least likely at 500 to 1.

Now that it sounds like baby will a girl named Diana, what about hair colour?

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“It’s actually one of the most popular markets we’ve got, believe it or not, is the colour of this, the colour of this baby’s hair and the favourite – around 6 to 4, 5 to 4 – is brown or black hair,” said Jones, a redhead. “I am praying that it’s going to be a ginger baby and that’s around 2 to 1. But we have seen quite a lot of bets on it being a ginger-haired baby. I think that’s maybe people like me that are just kind of a bit hopeful.”

Other topics that Brits are spending money on are which offspring will go bald first and future exam results.

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