As Gloria Steinem turns 85, 85 celebrities, activists, and journalists have come together to celebrate the inspirational woman.

The Women’s Media Center gathered “life-long friends” of Steinem to share the “impact she has had” on them, from Jane Fonda to Joy Behar, who praises her for “always unapologetically [being] herself.”

Sally Field says Steinem ” is more than a feminist. More than an activist, a writer, an entrepreneur. Much more than an icon or a hero. She is indelible and irreplaceable.” Lena Dunham adds, “I love that you write like you talk and talk like you write.”

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Cyndi Lauper recalled being introduced to Steinem when she was only 15. “Her words resonated and inspired me. And she was funny, too,” the singer said. “Fifteen years later, involved in the women’s movement myself, I was given a song to sing called ‘Girls Just Want to Have Fun.’ I saw the possibility that it could be an anthem to empower ALL women of ALL ages. But without Gloria’s advocacy, I’m not sure I would have been inspired the same way.”

Meryl Streep’s birthday wish read, “Thank you for whatever made you give your life to us, for us, make it about all of our well-being — and by Us I mean ALL of us, men, boys, women, girls, all PEOPLE. You clarify the continuing inequities in our society in a calm but passionate, direct but compassionate way.”

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Julianna Margulies, Amy Schumer, Michael Moore, Christiane Amanpour, and Katie Couric are just a few of the many more names that contributed well-wishes that will be placed in a book to be given to Steinem.

It would take a novel to list all of Steinem’s accomplishments. She co-founded Ms. magazine, has written for Esquire and The New York Times magazine, is a bestselling author, helped found the Women’s Action Alliance, co-founded Choice USA, won numerous journalism awards, produced an Emmy Award-winning documentary called “Multiple Personalities: The Search for Deadly Memories”, and was the subject of many documentaries.