Colin Farrell Opens Up About Why He Quit Drinking, But Admits He ‘Would Love To Get Drunk’ With ‘Dumbo’ Co-Star Danny DeVito

Colin Farrell is among the guests on Saturday’s edition of “The Jonathan Ross” show in the UK, alongside “Dumbo” co-star Danny DeVito, and one topic that came up during the show was the Irish actor’s 13 years of sobriety.

Farrell, who reportedly checked himself into a rehab facility last year as a “preemptive” measure, opened up about why he made the decision to quit drinking in the first place.

“I had a little look at one stage, but it was made patently obvious to me that I probably should stay off it,” Farrell told Ross, as reported by Metro UK.

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However, Farrell did admit that were he still imbibing, the one person he says he would love to get sloshed with is DeVito. “Do you know what? Every now and then I meet someone I would love to get drunk with. I would love to get drunk with him,” he said, gesturing to his co-star. “Great fun, wouldn’t it?”

According to Metro UK, the 42-year-old actor also chatted about taking a nine-month break so he could spend time with his two sons, aged 9 and 15 —  although he admits the time off was anything but relaxing.

“I try to keep up with them two fellas. I go to work for a rest,” joked Farrell. “They’re the loves of my life but they’re intense little lads. School runs, baths, lunches, maybe the odd hike, films and stuff. The advance of technology is a curse. For me as a dad, iPads are a curse. I’m guilty as well because if I want half an hour to have a bit of breath and be left alone in the house, away you go and it’s so easy and it just becomes kind of a surrogate parent.”

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When it was time for him to go back to work, he added, his sons weren’t exactly heartbroken. “Oh yeah, absolutely, they were done,” he quipped. “They packed my bags. They were like ‘OK, bye.’ I said, ‘I’ll Facetime you.’ ‘No, no, no don’t worry about it. Go and have your experience, we’ll be here when you get back.'”

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