Kathy Griffin says the consequences she faced for posing with a bloodied mask of U.S. President Donald Trump taught her a lot.

The controversial comedian speaks about the fallout she faced during an upcoming interview with Luke Burbank on “CBS This Morning”. Griffin, 58, says she would not have changed a thing. Burbank asks her, “If you could click your heels together and go back and just, like, ha – at the end of the photo shoot before the mask came out, could it just have been like, ‘Let’s call it a day…’ Would you?”

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“No. Because I’ve learned so much,” Griffin replies. “And the most important thing that I hope people see is that long after I kick the bucket they see the crazy red-haired lady didn’t go down. So I think the momentum is finally going in my direction.”

Griffin suffered a very-real backlash over the 2017 photo. The U.S. President responded in horror and even Griffin’s own mother was upset. The comedian was placed on a no-fly list, was investigated for conspiracy, lost out on an endorsement deal, a planned comedy tour and her New Year’s Eve co-hosting gig for CNN.

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Griffin also shares how she receives death threats to this day over the incident. “I was in London a month ago – and I had a driver… and he recognized me from the photo and he said that he was from Morocco and that if we were in Morocco he would cut my tongue off. That was a long drive,” she reveals. “I called the president of the car company and had him fired.”

These days, Griffin is working on finding distribution for a theatrical comedy called “Kath Griffin: A Hell of a Story”. The “CBS This Morning” interview airs on Sunday, March 24.