A TV reporter didn’t realize he was on camera when he gave his hair a quick fix — by spitting in his hand and using it to slick back his coif.

The moment took place during Ali Velshi’s MSNBC broadcast as the anchor threw to reporter Matt Bradley in Syria.

Not realizing he was being broadcast on the air, Bradley spat into one of his hands, rubbing the saliva in his hair — and then spat once again, this time into his other hand and slicking back his hair a little more.

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A sharp-eyed viewer managed to post video of the spit-soaked TV blooper on Twitter.

Naturally, Twitter users chimed in to share their views, and it was clear that most people who watched found the whole thing kind of gross.

However, Bradley was not without his supporters, with NBC News anchor Carl Quintanilla quipping, “Folks reporting live from Syria can get ready for air any. Way. They. Want.”

Meanwhile, Bradley demonstrated he doesn’t take himself too seriously by retweeting the video and adding the hashtag #WarIsHell.

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