Minnie Driver Hilariously Rants About Influencers

Have you ever wondered what Minnie Driver thinks about Influencers? Well worry no more, you have your answer!

In a rant on Twitter, the “Good Will Hunting” alum recalled how an influencer tried to explain what she does the actress which resulted in her ending up in a bar.

“What do you influence I asked her. I influence your decision about which handbag to buy. I said, I have handbags older than you. She said, great I’ll tell you which bags are worth the most and you can make some money. I am now in a bar,” she wrote.

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“Good to have a back-up plan” one person teased in reply. “Yes. DRINKING!!!!!” Driver responded.

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Another person pointed out that they “never need any encouragement to buy a handbag.” Driver added, “that is exactly what I thought.”

The actress further clarified that she was drinking in the bar by herself and not with the influencer. Cheers!



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