Spice Girl Geri Horner Releases Statement On Relationship With Mel B: Says She ‘Loves The Spice Girls’ But Some Recent Reports Are ‘Simply Not True’

Mel B dropped a huge Spice Girls bombshell during an interview with Piers Morgan, revealing that she and Geri “Ginger Spice” Horner once enjoyed a brief sexual liaison.

The former “America’s Got Talent” judge, reports the Daily Mail, made the revelation during a TV interview with Piers Morgan for his forthcoming “Life Stories” series.

As she explained, “It just happens one time, you talk about it and it doesn’t really happen again.”

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The erstwhile Scary Spice jokingly admitted she’s expecting repercussions from Horner. “Yeah and I’ve said it now. All done. She’s going to kill me and so’s her husband,” she told Morgan. “She’s not that posh now, is she?”

Admitting she and Horner (who was then Geri Halliwell) hooked up “just that once,” Mel B added that the reason she didn’t share this tidbit in her recent memoir, Brutally Honest, is “because that wasn’t what my book was about. It was brutally honest in a different way,” she said. “And hopefully when Geri gets asked that, which hopefully she will after this, she won’t deny it. Because it was just a fun thing.”

She added: “She’s going to hate me for this because she’s all posh in her country house and her husband. But it’s a fact. It just happened and we just giggled at it and that was it.”

Morgan discussed the shock comments on “Good Morning Britain”, telling viewers how Mel had quickly called Horner after the interview to tell her what she’d said.

He shared, “There was a lot of flurried activity after the recording. I said ‘Where’s Mel?’ They said: ‘She’s just making a call to try and smooth things over.'”

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The Mail has unearthed a 2010 interview — also with Morgan — in which she expressed her admiration for Mel’s figure.

“She’s absolutely gorgeous, even more gorgeous in real life,” Horner said of Mel. “She has great boobs… she’s got an amazing bottom.”

Meanwhile, The Sun is reporting that Mel may have had second thoughts about her revelation, with sources claiming she “made a panicked phone call to apologize to Geri” immediately after the show.

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“The girls all know Mel struggles to keep her mouth shut but Mel C, who was in the audience, was visibly horrified when it all came out,” the source told The Sun.

“This is all news to me,” Mel C (a.k.a. Melanie Chisholm) said from the audience when asked if she knew about the fling.

Added the source: “The [reunion] tour is just two months away, they don’t want anything jeopardizing it, but there were real fears this would upset Geri’s husband and cause serious issues.”

After a long silence from Horner, she issued a statement to the MailOnline saying that she is “hurt” over the rumours surrounding the story and wants to move on.

“It has been very disappointing to read about all these rumours again,” the statement says. “Geri loves the Spice Girls: Emma, Melanie, Melanie and Victoria [Beckham]. She would like [the fans] to know that what has been reported recently is simply not true and has been very hurtful to her family. Moving forward, Geri can’t wait to see the girls and all the fans on the tour, have an amazing time with everyone, and make some new memories.”


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