As an active campaigner for mental health and the adverse effects of social media, Prince William will reportedly write a letter to the parents of Molly Russell, a teenage girl who committed suicide after viewing self-harm pictures on social media.

“This is something he feels passionate about and he wanted to show his support,” a royals source tells People.

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Russell died in 2017 at age 14, and her father believes that Instagram is “partly responsible.” Instagram did confirm to the BBC that it “does not allow content that promotes or glorifies self-harm or suicide and will remove content of this kind.”

The coroner has contacted Facebook, YouTube, and Apple for further information as they conduct the inquest into her death. With the inquiry taking place this week, the source confirms that the Duke of Cambridge has plans to “get in touch and offer sympathy and show support” to the family.

Prince William set up the Taskforce on the Prevention of Cyberbullying in 2016 to bring tech giants together to help combat online harassment. The task force comprises media companies, parents, and children’s charities that specialize in the area of cyberbullying. Included in the action plan is an online code of conduct called “Stop, Speak, Support”.

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In a speech at the launch, the future king said that tech companies should “reject the false choice of profits over values.”

“You have powered amazing movements of social change. Surely, together you can harness innovation to allow us to fight back against the intolerance and cruelty that has been brought to the surface by your platforms.”

If you or someone you know is considering suicide, please contact Crisis Services Canada toll-free at 1.833.456.4566 or text 45645. You are not alone.