‘Walking Dead’ Stars Norman Reedus And Lauren Ridloff Get Why Fans ‘Ship’ Their Characters

TV viewers will often express their desire for two characters on a favourite show to hook up, which is definitely the case when it comes to “The Walking Dead” as fans express their desire that Darryl (Norman Reedus) gets together with Connie (Lauren Ridloff).

During a recent panel at the Paley Center for Media’s Paleyfest, reports Us Weekly, the actors said they understood why fans are trying to “ship” their characters.

“When I was shooting some of the scenes with Norman, I have to say, it’s almost like [Butch] Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,” Ridloff, 40, said of fans hoping that Connie’s platonic relationship with Darryl becomes romantic.

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“We talked about that when shooting, and I agree with Norman,” she added. “I think that it’s exciting and cool things are happening between Connie and Daryl and I think both are surprised at how well they work together.”

Added Ridloff: “Both of them are leaders… Obviously, we don’t talk much. I do think that it definitely makes sense as a team and as a duo.”

Reedus, 50, agreed with that assessment, pointing out that Darryl is “not really going to be with someone who’s like, ‘So what do you want for lunch?’ ‘What about the salad?’ He has to respect them.”

He continued: “You see during the episodes they work together. He’s like, ‘Oh s**t, she can handle herself, she’s a leader.’ I think he has a lot of respect for her and he admires her.”

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Last year, Reedus sent fans’ hopes soaring when he discussed the possibility of Darryl finally getting a love interest.

“I think when it happens, it’s going to be a big deal,” he said in a July 2018 interview with TVLine, explaining why Darryl has remained solitary.

“I’m glad that we have played him the way we’ve played him,” added Reedus. “I think if we would have had some hot, steamy barn sex somewhere, it would be over and done [by now]. I don’t think he’s that type of a guy. I think he’s the type of guy that when he does it, he will be in love. He’ll fall in love. He wears his heart on his sleeve. Everything he means, he says. When he cares about somebody, he cares about them. Playing it in that direction is better than having an episode or a scene in one thing. I think it means more to him.”

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