Ed Sheeran ‘Would Cry Every Single Day’ During Primary School Because He Was Bullied

Ed Sheeran has attained international success but things weren’t always so good for the singer.

In a new interview, the four-time Grammy Award-winning artist admits he would cry every day after school for being bullied about his red hair, glasses, and stutter.

While talking to rapper Dave and DJ Nihal for the Love Music Hate Racism campaign he spoke about how his “odd” and “quirky” looks ultimately led to his success.

They asked him if he felt different at school, to which Sheeran replied, “Well yeah, because I was ginger, so I was instantly ripped into from the day I started school. Ginger, had a stutter, wore huge glasses, just a bit odd, but then as I got older, I kind of loved it.”

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The “Perfect” singer just married his high school sweetheart Cherry Seaborn in an intimate ceremony but says he “never had much luck with girls.”

“I have always looked a little bit quirky and I never had much luck with girls; it was always like I looked a bit weird,” he said. “Then when I started playing music, every time I would do a gig everyone was, like, ‘Oh it’s the ginger guy with the small guitar,’ and you get remembered for that.

“Suddenly you start gaining a bit of attraction because you are memorable. The thing I always say to kids now is, it’s great to be weird.”

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Primary school was the hardest for Sheeran, who says he hated it “with a passion” and that he “would cry every single day.”

“Then I got to high school and started playing guitar. I joined a band and music is just one of these things which gives you confidence, and you’re suddenly, like, ‘Wow I can actually do something well.'”

The full interview can be watched above.


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