Kid Cudi Rents Out Movie Theatre To Watch ‘Us’ With His Fans

Kid Cudi was so excited to see Jordan Peele’s latest horror film, he turned it into a special event.

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On Friday, the rapper tweeted his love for “Us”, telling followers that the movie “MUST” be seen in theatres multiple times.

Then on Sunday, Cudi followed through on that idea, announcing in a tweet that he would be renting out an entire theatre to rewatch “Us”, and that his fans were invited to join in on the fun and meet him at the same time.

A whole ton of fans in the Los Angeles area took Cudi up on his offer.

Of course, Cudi was also mobbed by many of his fans hoping to meet him and get an autograph.

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Meanwhile, fans tweeted from the event, thanking Cudi for the opportunity.

For some others, though, the trip was perhaps just a bit too far.

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