“Real Housewives” alum and mom-of-six Kim Zolciak-Biermann doesn’t care about what the haters say about her parenting.

The reality TV personality has been known to stir controversy over the way she raises her children, prompting online mom-shaming and unsolicited parenting advice.

“I don’t feel like I do or I don’t read it, maybe,” she says of the online feedback her actions generate while on “Watch What Happens Live” on Sunday.

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The former “Real Housewives Of Atlanta” star has come under fire for everything from posting a video of her 14-year-old daughter getting shocked by an electric dog collar to letting her four-year-old son play with his dad’s gun.

“I feel like I’m a really good mom,” she says. “We all make mistakes and we all learn as we go. I’m very proud of all of my children. I think I’m a really good mom and nobody can really take that.”