WWE Stars Finn Balor And Elias Cover Lady Gaga And Bradley Cooper’s ‘Shallow’ From ‘A Star Is Born’

Chalk this under things you thought you would never see.

The wacky, wild world of professional wrestling is full of surprises and this footage from a recent non-televised WWE live house show is no different.

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Elias, a drifter musician popular with the WWE universe, somehow convinced all-action fan-favourite Finn Balor to perform a duet. Not just any duet. A duet of “Shallow” from “A Star is Born”.

To his credit, Elias has been singing to WWE audiences for years now and somewhat resembles “A Star is Born” director and lead Bradley Cooper. The same can definitely not be said for Balor’s experience or resemblance to Lady Gaga.

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In the video, Elias beckoned Balor to perform the duet. The wrestling crooner kicks things off with Cooper’s part as the live audience implored Balor to jump in. It took some convincing, but Balor delivered Gaga’s part with gusto.

Gaga and Cooper’s version of “Shallow” won both an Oscar and a Grammy. The same will probably never be said about this WWE cover, but it is an entertaining effort nonetheless.

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