Lindsay Lohan Had ‘Fun’ Filming ‘Beach Club’ But Is Sure ‘People Will Still Find A Reason To Hate Me’

The finale of Lindsay Lohan’s new MTV show is almost here and she cannot wait for people’s reactions, good or bad.

The star of the network’s new series “Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club” shared details about production on the show. “This summer, I’ve accomplished so many things,” she said, per Daily Mail. “It was a really nice experience having people from America come to Greece and show them a different life. I’m usually behind the scenes there.”

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“It was really different for me. It was definitely a challenge for me even,” she continued. “It’s nice to kind of let loose and shock people and do something fun. I’m sure that people will still find a reason to hate me somehow.”

Lohan, 32, elaborated on the challenges of running a nightclub on the Mykonos island of Greece. ‘When the cameras were on I was very nervous because I also have to handle the club,” she confessed. “So I was a little bit shy and timid. When I’m doing a movie, that’s my job. When I’m running the club, that’s my job.”

Lohan’s creative partner Panos Spentzos also chimed in. “The thing about Lindsay, she knows how to run a good business,” said Spentzos. “Lindsay has a good heart. But for me, I’m the a**hole. I love torturing these guys.”

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“Handling people I’ve never met before is not my job. So it was a very multitasking situation. But it was nice,” Lohan expressed. “I like understanding people and teaching them, so it felt really good for me. But it was definitely scary!”

The “Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club” finale airs Monday.

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