One writer’s commentary on Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill has sparked another great clickbait debate.

Tracy Clark-Flory of Jezebel‘s The Muse wrote a piece titled, “Jagged Little Pill Is Actually Very Bad???”, reflecting on how she convinced her husband to get Morissette’s quintessential album on vinyl.

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Once she had the record spinning, however, Jagged Little Pill paled in comparison to her nostalgia-fuelled expectations. The second-to-last sentence of the piece punctuates her argument, “This makes both Alanis and the album, which she co-wrote and recorded at the young age of 19, culturally significant – but it doesn’t make it good, timeless music.”

The cultural significance Clark-Flory speaks of touches on both the album’s staying power and the upcoming Broadway musical based on Morissette’s work.

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Jagged Little Pill has earned many a fan since its 1995 release, going 16-times Platinum and selling more than 33 million units worldwide.

And the Canadian icon’s fans had a lot to say about The Muse feed. Thanks to the power of Twitter, they made their voices loud and clear. Many were in support of Morissette’s album, but some agreed with Clark-Foy.